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The GhostRYT Process in a Nutshell...

Connect Your Blog

When you login you'll be greeted with a video that shows you step-by-step how to connect your blog to GhostRYT. (Watch Tutorial)

Add Your Keywords

To make sure your blog gets traffic we will ask you for a list of keywords that you want your blog posts written about. This will help you rank in Google for those keywords. (Watch Tutorial)

Hands Free Publishing

Our AI agents will brainstorm, outline, write headlines, edit, SEO optimize, add header images, and publish your articles to your blog - zero human intervention needed. (Watch Tutorial)

Collect Your Paychecks

Monetize your blog with ads, affiliate links, products, or services and as GhostRYT publishes articles you'll get more traffic, leads, and sales. (Watch Tutorial).

For Less Than $2/day You Can Have a Writer Working For You Full Time

Choose the best plan that fits your business goals

Per month
Automate 1 weekly blog post on your Ghost blog.

Ideal for beginners wanting to get started making money online.
Per month
Automate 1 daily blog post on your Ghost blog.

Ideal for businesses wanting to automate their content marketing strategy.
Per month
Automate up to 4 daily blog posts on your Ghost blog with 5 unique writing styles to choose from AND up to 2,000 words for each post!

For the SEO nerds
Passes AI Detection Scans
SEO Optimized
Add Your Own Keywords
Hands Free Publishing
Publish a Daily Post
Publish Multiple Daily Posts
Choose Different Writing Styles
GhostRYT is what we all dreamed AI would be like. Just connect it to your Ghost blog, give it a list of keywords, then watch it publish SEO optimized articles for you day after day with zero human input.

Mike Hardenbrook

COO, Phonesites


The most commonly asked questions right before our customers purchase a plan and become auto-bloggers.

Does this work with other websites like Wordpress, WebFlow, Clickfunnels, etc?

Our current version has a deep integration with only the platform, but we do have other platforms on the roadmap. The next platform we plan to integrate is WebFlow.

Until those are live, try this workaround... With Zapier you can set the trigger as "When Ghost Publishes a New Blog" and set the action as "Publish a Blog to Wordpress/WebFlow" etc.

Will my blog posts sound robotic?

GhostRYT is built by writers for writers. We hired professional prompt engineers to ensure every blog post that our tool publishes reads like its written by a human writer, passes AI detection tools, is formatted for SEO optimization, and written in an educational style.

You can always read some examples here if you are skeptical, and also if you sign up for the "Pro" plan you can choose from up to 5 different writing styles. Including, persuasive, educational, funny, formal, and casual.

Does it pass AI content detectors?

Our professional prompt engineers have studied the AI content detection tools AND the Google reviewer documentation. Our blog posts pass all major AI content detection tools as being human written content. As well as produce content that is considered high quality content for Google.

We have multiple sites that we run our own tests with, and we use GhostRYT ourselves. Feel free to run our sample articles through your own AI content detection tool and see for yourself.

Is there a free trial?

Hiring GhostRYT to write for you is like hiring a human writer. Even the AI detection tools will say so. The difference is that we are 10x cheaper than human writers, so you are already saving big so no there is no free trial.

It's no different than if you hired a human writer to write for you. They would charge you for the work, we just charge you a lot less than any human would. For $29, you have can 30 articles written for you in 30 days. That's the deal of the century!

Do you offer refunds?

We do have a refund policy in place. If you are not satisfied with GhostRYT, please contact our support team within 30 days of your purchase, and we will assist you with the refund process.

We don't think you will want to refund once you see the quality of our blog posts, but it's there for that 1% who might. Also, refunds are only given on the most recent billing, we do not refund multiple months of billing.