Now You Can Automate Your Blogging

Introducing GhostRYT, the AI agent powered software that generates daily AI-written blog posts for the website platform.

Human & AI Robot writing side by side
GhostRYT is what we all dreamed AI would be like. Just connect it to your Ghost blog, give it a list of keywords, then watch it publish SEO optimized articles for you day after day with zero human input.
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Samples of GhostRYT Articles

See for yourself the quality that our automated AI agents will produce for your blog. Our AI agents did everything from brainstorming the article ideas, headlines, the article, even picking out the images, and then published without ever needing a human to get involved.

Mastering Copywriting for Email Marketers: The Art of Selling with Stories

Your emails should not feel like an instruction manual. The winning ticket is a mesmerizing narrative woven around your product or service.

American Airlines vs Delta: Top Reasons to Fly with American Airlines Revealed

Why choose American Airlines over Delta: a comprehensive comparison of routes, hubs, in-flight services and customer loyalty programs.

Discover Profitable Christian Home-Based Business Ideas that Fuse Faith and Career

Picture yourself starting a fruitful business rooted in your faith, blossoming from the comfort of your home, and spreading your values worldwide.

Proof That GhostRYT Articles Pass AI Content Detectors as "Human Generated Content."

Our Automated AI Agents Will Write Your Daily Blog For Less Than $2 an Article

Anyone can ask ChatGPT to "Write an article for me." However, GhostRYT goes above and beyond by giving you a team of AI agents. They brainstorm content ideas, pen viral headlines, craft well written articles, optimize for SEO, and then publish directly to your site It's not just 'writing an article', it's automating your whole content marketing strategy.

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Better Than ChatGPT Prompts

Our automated AI agents write many prompts for you which enables them to pump out high quality articles that pass the AI content detection tests.

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Cheaper Than Human Writers

Because our automated AI agents are plugged right into the ChatGPT API, each article will only cost you $0.48 - $1.76 to publish. That's 10x cheaper than hiring a human writer on Fiverr.

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Automate Your Content Marketing

Drop in a list of keywords, let our AI agents publish articles for you daily, then connect your socials with Zapier for a truly automated content strategy.